16-Up Yamaha YXZ 1000 Power & Speed Kit


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    • You no longer need to send in your ECU!
    • Switch between tunes in your own garage
    • Comes with all levels of tunes!
    • 2016-Up Yamaha YXZ1000 BMP Big Mo stainless steel full exhaust - designed, built and assembled in America.
    • Unlike most companies, we designed developed and built our own muffler from the ground up to offer a completely unique product for our customers. Not some outsourced china made repeat from the 90's
    • Aluminum Extruded body anodized black
    • 6061 fully machined billet aluminum components
    • Stainless steel spiral formed louver core
    • Coarse Stainless steel American made energon depleted decepticon pube packing material
    • Rigid v-band ensures a tight, leak proof fitting between the pipe and muffler
    • Stainless steel hardware for long-lasting aesthetics (even the black coated bolts are stainless steel)
    • Big horsepower and torque gains at low to mid range power - 110 RWHP
    • Designed in our state of the art UTV performance center
    • Increased horsepower through our advanced timing and fuel curve
    • Lower exhaust temps due to a more powerful, richer fuel curve
    • Wicked acceleration due to precise fueling when on and off the throttle
    • Rev limit raised to 11,000 RPM
    • Speed limit raised to 100 MPH
    • Test vehicles and initial customers reported 90-91 MPH with this tune!
    • Must run 91 octane or higher
    • Compatible with sound-reducing "Whisper Biscuit" HERE
    • Compatible with 90° Turn-Out HERE
    • Compatible with spark arrestor HERE
    • Part #: ADBM15-401


BMP stainless steel Big Mo full exhaust with matching ECU tune for the 2016-Up Yamaha YXZ1000. Available for manual clutch and SS (paddle shift). Huge gains on pump fuel with corrected output of 110 RWHP.

We have been running this setup in many race vehicles with great success. Zach Martin had the fastest pro stock qualifying time at the first T.O.R.C. race using this setup against a field of competitors products. We have dominated the RZR market and you can be one of the first to experience what we can do with the Yamaha YXZ1000 platform.