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BMP 2007-09 F1000 Fatt Azz Single Pipe

Also available in a big bore version, see the drop-down menu.

Need new exhaust springs? 1.8" springs / 2.5" springs
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Black PN: 01-107

Black Big Bore PN: 01-107BB

Ceramic PN: 01-107-C

Ceramic Big Bore PN: 01-107BB-C


A stock F1000 has 165-167 HP. By adding Bullseye air intake valves to the blocked left hood inlet, power jumps to 170 HP. If you add our BMP Fatt Azz single pipe and BMP y-pipe the F1000 cranks out 192-195 HP with 134-135 ft-lbs of torque!! Now you're talking some bad azz power right into the stock muffler or choose our new lightweight Full Velocity muffler. Sure our BMP pipe cranks out peak power, but it also cranks out great low end and mid-range power too. We picked up 15-18 HP in the mid-range with the help of our supplied exhaust valve spacers. That is massive grunt for you to feel on the trail, lake, or up the mountain!! You'll pick up a ton of top speed from the extra RPM of our pipe. The powerband is extremely broad and easy to tune, 7500-7700 RPM at wide open throttle. BMP Performance Manifold and Power Commander EFI controller required for this dramatic power increase. Our Stage 2 Clutch Kit with torsional conversion will produce 7-8 more MPH of top speed when used with this pipe.

Also available in a big bore version! Our huge Fatt Azz single pipe and y-pipe combo is the ultimate big bore pipe for your machine. You can run it into the stock muffler but for best results we suggest our 1200 big bore muffler. This system made 225 HP and 155 ft-lbs of torque with the BMP 1200 kit on stock throttle bodies.