BMP 2007-2011 M/X-Fire 1000 Full Velocity Muffler


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2007-2011 M/X-Fire 1000 Full Velocity Muffler.


Black PN: ADBM02-109

Ceramic PN: 02-109-C


Probably the quietest aftermarket muffler on the market, but with a nice deep rumble. We help you get rid of the stock suitcase, and get your sled on a diet with half the weight!! Our muffler is ceramic coated black to keep it looking great for a long time. The unique four chamber mechanical baffle never needs to be repacked. Our BMP muffler fits great and sounds great. We have spent countless hours on our Superflow dyno to assure the airflow in our mufflers is at the right level for no power loss, unlike many aftermarket companies. Ours make the same power as stock with a lot less weight and a little more rumble. Get your sled on a BMP diet today with a BMP Full Velocity Muffler!! Available in high temp black or ceramic chrome.

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