BMP 2007 4 Arm Clutch F/CFR/M 1000 Bolt-On Performer Kit

BMP 2007 4 Arm Clutch F/CFR/M 1000 Bolt-On Performer Kit


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2007 F/CFR/M 1000 Bolt-On Performer Kit **4 Arm Clutch 1000's Only!**


Stage 1 Part #: ADBM13-109-1


Stage 1

This is just a great motor, plain and simple! Well maybe not stock, but boy oh boy does it have potential!!! By adding our high flow performance y-pipe and Fatt Azz single pipe alone, the power jumps up 22 horsepower! We have found the '07 models typically make around 169-170 HP stock so with a 2.5 degree timing key and full exhaust that's around 193-195 HP!! Crazy, crazy power for just bolting on an exhaust system and timing key! Now other companies have had pipes making similar horsepower, but our pipe just has so much more grunty torque it's nuts! We include a pair of our special exhaust valve spacers to increase the mid-range power by another 15 HP and that's part of why our pipe smokes the competitions. This is because the exhaust valves open at 6800 RPM and when they do the power just skyrockets, which is good, but hard to clutch in the mid-range. By using our exhaust valve spacers, the machines are able to pull much heavier clutch weights, which in turn puts a lot more power to the ground because of the much broader powerband with so much torque. So you get our pipe and manifold, offset timing key, a Power Commander EFI controller, and our Stage 2 clutch kit with adjustable weights and overdrive secondary components. Now you have one bad muscle machine!