BMP 2003-04 F/M/CFR 600 Bolt-On Performer Kit

BMP 2003-04 F/M/CFR 600 Bolt-On Performer Kit


Regular price $1,299.00

BMP F/M/CFR 600 Bolt-On Performer Kit.


Stage 1 PN: ADBM13-101-1 (Retail $875)

Stage 2 PN: 13-101-2 (Retail $1325)

Stage 3 PN: 13-101-3 (Retail $1875)


Stage 1 Bolt-On Performer Kit (12-13 hp over stock)


This kit is one of most popular ever because it is so powerful, yet very reliable! On average you will gain 12-14 HP over stock with this package and the clutch kit really puts the power to ground. Get that 600 running like a 700! Huge gains in acceleration and top speed. Great for the trail, mountain, or lake. Kit includes our Stealth Pipe, Inline Fuel Reducer, Big Flow Intake, 1.5 degree timing key, and our Stage 2 Clutch Kit.

2003-04 models come with the updated pipe mount to take place of the ball mount.

This kit is available with our pipe mod instead of our stealth pipe. This will require your pipe to be carefully sent in for the mod. Please include our work order form when sending the pipe in. Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks typically.


Stage 2 Bolt-On Performer Kit (15-16 HP over stock)


Top off your Stage 1 kit by adding our trick billet head kit! Available for high or low altitude riders, our billet head kit offers great power and torque gains. Low altitude normally sees 3-4 HP and high altitude can expect 6-7 HP gains! Our heads also add extra cooling capacity to keep your running temperatures cooler and more consistent.


Stage 3 Bolt-On Performer Kit (20-25 HP over stock)


Stage 3 tops it off with our professional cylinder porting! This package is designed to run on 91-93 octane. It has a broad powerband and is easy to tune. Kit requires cylinders and exhaust valves to be sent in. Please box them up carefully with our work order form and/or copy of your receipt.