BMP 2003-2006 F6/F7 Full Velocity Muffler


Regular price $399.00

Black PN: ADBM02-101

Ceramic PN: 02-101-C



We extensively tested this muffler to ensure the best combination of power, light weight, quiet sounds levels, and affordable price. Weighing in at a mere 6 lbs (8 lbs lighter than stock), shed some fat from your Cat! The muffler produced a noticeable increase in punch and throttle response as well. One of our main concerns was sound levels so our final design makes a nice deep throaty sound when you punch it but not much louder than stock, especially at idle. The fully baffled muffler sounds great giving a better tone without being annoying. Available in a high temp black or ceramic chrome finish. Fits all 2003-06 F6/F7. Does not fit models with reverse.