BMP 2003-2007 Rev/Renegade/Summit 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit

BMP 2003-2007 Rev/Renegade/Summit 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit


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BMP 2003-2007 Rev/Renegade/Summit 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit


Stage 1 Part #: ADBM13-204-1 (Retail $1495)

Stage 3 Part #: 13-204-3 (Retail $2045)


Stage 1

Ski Doo left a lot on the table with the 800 Rev. Our single Stealth pipe alone adds 10-11 horsepower over stock. We even sent it to for a independent dyno test to prove it. The stock heat shield fits over it for a stealth appearance if you want. Our billet head not only drops the running temps by 10-15 degrees, but it adds 5 more HP at low altitude and 8-10 more HP at above 4000ft with our 14:1 domes! The rest of our powerful kit includes Boyesen Rage Cages which make a few more HP with killer throttle response and intake boots that don't crack like the stock ones do, two 2" Flow Rites to increase the airflow to the airbox, and to put the power to the ground our Stage 2 clutch kit. With a 18-20 HP gain, this is a great all around kit for trail riding and even lining up at the lake. The Mountain Performer version has just killer throttle response for boondocking and excellent power with a 23-25 HP gain! Perfect power to get you up the steep n deep! You can opt to send us your stock pipe for our pipe mod too for near the same power, just make sure to remove the heat shields when shipping.

*Please specify year and model of sled, whether it's an X package, and what altitude you ride at when ordering.*



Stage 3

Take your Stage 1 kit and add BMP professional cylinder porting! Our porting had remarkable results and we came out with a pipe especially for ported motors that makes 3-4 more HP than our standard pipe which comes with this stage 3 kit. Stock they had 133-138 HP depending on the year but our Stage 3 kit will push the horsepower to nearly 170!  (With our pipe mod to the stock pipe, this package produces 162-163 HP)  Our porting is a complete job changing all port timing and re-configuring the exhaust port shapes to optimize airflow and horsepower. Must send cylinders and exhaust valves in for porting. Turnaround is normally 2-3 weeks.