M/X-Fire 600/700 Stealth Single Pipe


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All of these pipes come with a pipe sensor port and include a block off plug. This is so they will work on all year machines with or without the pipe temp sensor.  

Need new exhaust springs? 1.8" springs / 2.5" springs
How pipes are made

Black PN: ADBM01-103

Ceramic PN: 01-103-C


Our Stealth Pipe is simply the best single pipe available on the market for your 600 or 700 twin Cat. It has the most consistent power with the widest RPM and runs lower RPM than other pipes so you can really feel the grunt. The M7 will pick up 6-8 HP on stock cylinders and 8-9 HP on ported cylinders! A very broad powerband from 7800-8000 RPM. Our customers have given this pipe rave reviews. Whether you're on the trail, the lake, or mountain, our Stealth Pipe just cranks out the power!! Best of all you can just bolt it on and go! There are no fuel changes necessary. EFI models can pick up even more power by adding our inline fuel reducer. Our Stealth Pipe works even better with our performance manifold (700 models only) and Stage 2 Clutch Kit. Being a BMP Stealth Pipe, the stock heat shield fits right over it for a stock appearance with a lot more power!!

Link to M/X-Fire 600 Clutch Kit

Link to M/X-Fire 700 Clutch Kit