BMP 2007-2009 F/M/CFR 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit

BMP 2007-2009 F/M/CFR 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit


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BMP 2007-2009 F/M/CFR 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit


Stage 1 PN: ADBM13-105-1 (Retail $1505)

Stage 2 PN: 13-105-2 (Retail $1955)

Stage 3 PN: 13-105-3 (Retail $2505)


Stage 1 Bolt-On Performer Kit

With this kit we set you up with our Fatt Azz single pipe and performance manifold for the biggest bolt-on gain. Then add our billet Big Flow Intake (for Crossfires & M's only), a 1.5 degree offset timing key, Stage 2 clutch kit and a Power Commander EFI controller to manage the fuel adjustment for the extra power. All kits come pre-loaded with a BMP map for your sled!  With this kit you can typically see your horsepower go from 145-146 stock up to 162-164 HP on average. It really makes these machines run strong from low to top end. In testing we usually picked up 9-10 MPH with great acceleration gains! Our Fatt Azz single pipe has a lot of grunt and a broad powerband which makes it easy to tune.


Stage 2 Bolt-On Performer Kit

Top off your Stage 1 kit by adding our trick billet head kit! Available for high or low altitude riders, our billet head kit offers great power and torque gains. Low altitude normally sees 4-5 HP and high altitude can expect 6-7 HP gains! Our heads also add cooling capacity to keep your running temperatures cooler and more consistent.



Stage 3 Bolt-On Performer Kit

Take it to the next level by adding up our Stage 1 & 2 kits then add cylinder porting! This is an awesome 179 HP kit for your 800! If you wished you had bought the 1000, now is your chance to redeem yourself. This kit will run with the big sleds and give you the power you deserve. Send us your cylinders and exhaust valves. We will fully port the cylinders and modify your valves. Put everything back together and hang on! Huge bottom end torque is instantly noticeable and the acceleration is wicked. This kit pulls the skis for a long time. A perfect package for trail riding or even getting out on the lake and racing your buddies. Available for high or low elevation for either the F800 or M800.