2008-09 Dragon/RMK 800 Single Pipe

2008-09 Dragon/RMK 800 Single Pipe


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BMP Dragon/RMK 800 Single Pipe 

Need new exhaust springs? 1.8" springs / 2.5" springs
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'08-09 Black PN: ADBM01-320A


At BMP we have the fix for your 2008-09 800 CFI Polaris and can put some fire into your Dragon or RMK. Polaris claimed 154 HP but seems to have come up short. Most will dyno at 145-146 HP and if you bolt on our new pipe you can see 157-158 horsepower!! This pipe will improve power by 6-8 HP between 7000-7600 RPM and increases fuel economy.You will notice instant performance gains in acceleration and top speed. EFI Controller usually required.

*Since there are so many base maps available for these models BMP does not supply power commander maps. We recommend you tune with an EGT and/or AFR gauge.*

Peak power is made from 8100-8300 RPM with this pipe.