BMP 2008-2009 Dragon/RMK 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit


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BMP 2008-2009 Dragon/RMK 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit


***Some EFI tuning may be required*** We get you close with our maps, but due to the various map changes by Polaris, we can't guarantee our tuning will work. We suggest using an EGT and/or AFR gauge to ensure you are tuned properly.

Stage 1 Part #: ADBM13-305-1 (Retail $1935)

Stage 3 Part #: 13-305-3 (Retail $2415)


Stage 1

The 800 CFI is a great motor, but seems to have fallen much short of owners expectations. And just like the 700, we have an excellent kit to really get this motor running like an 800 should! With the latest updates, we found the stock motors to produce around 142 HP. With our kit you will pick up 18-20 HP and even more for high altitude models using our high altitude domes. For low altitude sleds, we spent countless hours dyno testing different combustion chamber designs and came up with a lower compression version with a unique wider squishband for much improved power and much less chance of detonation. The higher altitude version uses a different design with a narrower squishband and 14:1 compression ratio. Plus with the much larger cooling capacity of our head, the motor typically runs 10-15 degrees cooler which keeps your sled running in the better timing curves of the 3D ignition. This 800 package comes with our Fatt Azz single pipe, billet head, V-Force reeds, Power Commander 5 and our Stage 2 clutch kit. It makes the 800 CFI into a fun machine and really makes it feel like a muscle machine should!


Stage 3

Want even more power? Send us your cylinders and exhaust valves for our professional cylinder porting and gain 7-8 HP extra on top of the Stage 1 kit!


You can send us your stock pipe without the heat shield for our pipe mod for near the same power, but a bit less money.

The BMP Durability kit is recommended but not necessary for this kit.