BMP 2010-11 F/M/CFR 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit


Regular price $2,495.00

BMP 2010-11 F/M/CFR 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit

    • Fits 2010-11 CFR/F/M 800 HO. Choose exact model below

    • Kits gain big horsepower and torque

    • Clutching gains with the Stage 2 kit are HUGE

    • Dyno graph shown without reeds

    • Power Commander comes pre-programmed for your sled

    • Exhaust available in black or ceramic chrome

    • See descriptions below for more details

    • Stage 1 PN: ADBM13-106-1 

    • Stage 2 PN: ADBM13-106-2 

    • Stage 3 PN: ADBM13-106-3 


Wake up your 800 HO big time with this bolt-on performer kit from BMP! Everything you need is packaged together giving you the biggest gain for the lowest cost.

Stage 1

The first stage is always the most important! We set you up with our Fatt Azz Pipe, Performance Manifold, Big Flow Intake on M/CFR models or Bullseye intakes on F Models. We then add a Power Commander 5, Stage 2 clutch kit, and Boyesen Rage Cages. We gain 15-17 horsepower and a ton of low end grunt. Not only that, but with the stage 2 clutch kit we gain 4-5 MPH of top end speed along with wicked acceleration and backshift. Within the Stage 2 clutch kit you have your option of the torsion or Team secondary conversion. The torsion kit can be finicky in reverse, normally working enough to back it off the trailer. However if you frequently use reverse the Team conversion is a better option allowing reverse to work 100% of the time. Torsion kit is the best performance going forward, but the Team conversion kit is not far behind, both are leaps and bounds better than stock clutching!

Stage 2

Top off your Stage 1 kit with our trick billet head kit! Available for high or low altitude riders, our billet head kit offers great power and torque gains. Low altitude normally sees 4-5 HP and high can expect 6-7 HP gains! Our heads also add cooling capacity to keep your running temperatures cooler and more consistent. 

Stage 3

Take it to the next level by adding up our Stage 1 & 2 kits then adding cylinder porting! This is an awesome 186-187 HP kit for your 800 HO! If you wished you had bought the 1000, now is your chance to redeem yourself. This kit will run with the big sleds and give you the power you deserve. Send us your cylinders and exhaust valves. We will fully port the cylinders and modify your valves. Put everything back together and hang on! Huge bottom end torque is instantly noticeable and the acceleration is wicked. This kit pulls the skis for a long time. A perfect package for trail riding, mountain riding or even getting out on the lake and racing your buddies. Available for low or high elevation for either the F800 or M800.