BMP 2010-2011 M/CFR 800 Powder Lite Muffler


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BMP 2010-2011 M/CFR 800 Powder Lite Muffler

No returns due to loud or undesirable sound.

Black PN: ADBM02-110PL

Ceramic PN: 02-110PL-C


If you want a light muffler that barks, our Powder Lite muffler is the way to go! They only weigh 4 lbs and they fit great with laser cut mounting brackets. Our Powder Lite mufflers are dyno tested on our Superflow to make sure that they don't lose power like many other companies do. Our free flowing baffle design will give you excellent throttle response. If you want light, get a BMP Powder Lite!! Available in high temp black or ceramic chrome.

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