BMP 2012-15 1100 Turbo Wide Belt Upgrade

BMP 2012-15 1100 Turbo Wide Belt Upgrade


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  • Fits all 2012-15 1100 Turbo models. 

  • No more blowing belts!!

  • Excellent performance gains, longer belt life and clutch longevity

  • Kit includes Dayco XTX 5020 belt and BMP Spider Shim

  • This kit will require your spider to be shimmed. This needs to be done with special tools as the spider is on at a very high torque level. Please only have qualified mechanics or BMP do this modification for you. We charge $100 to shim your spider and have a turnaround time of 1 week or less 

  • PN: ADBM05-WB


For the 2012-15 1100 Turbo we have found the stock belt is a little on the short side. This is one of the reasons why the belt blows so easily. We have found that using a longer and wider Dayco belt increases performance and belt life. The belt sits slightly higher in the driven clutch which helps low end acceleration. This means the belt will not get sucked down into the driven clutch as far, but will go slightly higher in the primary clutch for full shift out. We have developed a spider shim for the primary clutch that replaces the stock shim stack and increases the belt to sheave clearance for the slightly wider belt. This is the combination we have been using to win races on grass, ice, and snow! Kit includes spider shim and a belt.