BMP 2012-15 Arctic Cat Torsion Conversion Kit


Regular price $279.00

  • Fits all 2012-15 Pro Chassis Arctic Cat models.

  • Improves acceleration and increases top end speeds / track speed

  • Drastically decreases clutch and belt heat

  • Improves belt life

  • Allows full overdrive shift-out

  • Smoother upshift, quicker throttle response, faster back-shifts 

  • Kit includes: Helix with adjustable end cap and torsion spring

  • **For easy adjustment buy the 3 finger spring adjustment tool**



Drastically improve all around clutching with this torsion secondary kit! These kits allow the clutches to go into full overdrive, unlike stock, which doesn't even reach a full one to one ratio! Track speed is usually increased by 4-5 MPH in the mountains, and 3-5 MPH of top speed on flat land. We achieve this by changing the stiff, stock driven spring with a torsion style spring. The stock driven spring actually coil binds which stops the shift. With the torsion spring full shift out is achieved. The torsion spring will also allow you to adjust the driven spring tension for quicker upshift or backshift if you desire, even though we supply recommended specifications with the kits. The helix and adjustable billet end cap is machined from aluminum with our custom cut progressive multi-angles.

 We highly recommend going with our entire Stage 2 clutch kit which comes with our Goldstar adjustable weights and primary spring. Normally 1-2 grams of primary weight is needed when adding the torsion kit.

 Download the instruction HERE