BMP 2012-16 1100 Turbo Powder Lite Muffler


Regular price $449.00

  • Fits 2012-16 1100 Turbo Models

  • 13-15 HP gain

  • Weighs only 6 lbs.

  • Nearly 15 lbs. lighter than the stock muffler!

  • 13-14 dB louder than stock muffler

  • Durable long lasting ceramic chrome finish

  • A must-have for running high boost tunes 

  • No returns due to loud or undesirable sound.

  • Ceramic PN: ADBM02-115PL1-C 


This Powder Lite Muffler is a must for anyone looking for big gains out of your 1100 Turbo! As free flowing as a straight pipe without being crazy loud but certainly much more throaty than stock. This muffler gains 13-15 HP on a stock machine and is a must for running your big boost programming. Not only a horsepower gain but shed nearly 15 lbs off of your sled! All mufflers are ceramic coated for a durable long lasting finish. Roughly 13-14 dB louder than stock.

Looking for another O2 bung? We can install one in our turbo outlet manifold (sold separately). Please e-mail or call if you'd like a dual bung setup.