BMP 2012-16 1100 Turbo Stainless Full Velocity Muffler

BMP 2012-16 1100 Turbo Stainless Full Velocity Muffler


Regular price $549.00

  • Fits 2012-16 1100 Turbo models

  • 13-14 HP gain

  • weighs 11 lbs.

  • 9 lbs. lighter than stock

  • 5-6 dB louder than stock 

  • Extremely free flowing

  • Made entirely of stainless steel

  • A must have for running high boost tunes

  • Stainless Ceramic Chrome P/N: ADBM02-115-SC





This BMP Full Velocity Muffler is perfect for those of you who want a quiet (around 5-6 dB louder than factory) yet extremely free flowing muffler. Made out of 100% stainless steel, this muffler is long lasting and increases horsepower over the factory unit while being 9 lbs lighter. It is then ceramic coated to hold the heat into the muffler and for a great looking finish. This muffler increases horsepower a huge 13-14 HP over stock and is extremely free flowing for running your high boost tunes! You just can't beat this BMP Full Velocity Muffler.


Looking for another O2 bung? We can install one in our turbo outlet manifold (sold separately).