BMP 2012-Up Arctic Cat 900/940 Big Bore Muffler


Regular price $299.98

    • Choose between the quieter Stainless Steel Full Velocity or the Powder Lite if you're looking for more of a bark!
    • Fits all BMP 2012-Up Procross/Proclimb 900/940 Big Bore models.
    • *Low elevation only (below 6000 ft)* - High altitude riders will use the regular mufflers
    • Black Powder Lite PN: ADBM02-125PL
    • Ceramic Powder Lite PN: ADBM02-125PL-C
    • Ceramic Full Velocity PN: ADBM02-125-SC



If you have our 900 or 940 big bore at low altitude (0-6,000 ft) then you need to let it breathe with our big bore muffler! Our mufflers save you weight while allowing your big bore to perform like it was meant to. Our Stainless Steel Full Velocity muffler has a nice deep throaty sound without being obnoxiously loud while the Powder Lite has a bark to it and saves you even more weight. Powder Lite available in a high temp black or ceramic chrome finish. Stainless Steel Full Velocity only available in ceramic chrome.

*Low elevation only (below 6000 ft)*