BMP 2014-15 RZR 1000 High Performance ECU Reprogram

BMP 2014-15 RZR 1000 High Performance ECU Reprogram


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This high performance ECU tune:

  • Raises the rev limit to 9500 RPM

  • Raises the speed limiter to 95 MPH

  • Keeps TBW at 100% in higher RPM

  • Removes seat belt limiter for 2015 models.

  • Eliminates the o2 sensor on 2015 models.



***Programming will be done to your exact ECU. Once your ECU arrives, turnaround time is roughly 3 weeks. Need it faster? We recommend purchasing the Bully Dog GT which can be shipped out right away, and allows you to flash your own ECU while gaining diagnotics, data logging, gauges, an optimized fuel/timing curve and the ability to flash to stock***




***Please specify model year - First read below on varying years***


This is not an easy ECU to crack, but we did it! We are able to modify speed limiter, rev limit and throttle by wire (TBW). Our high performance tune raises the rev limit to 9500 RPM, increases the speed limiter to 95 MPH, and keeps the TBW open 100% in higher rev situations. The stock TBW slightly closes the butterfly at higher RPM giving it a soft limiter. Not with ours! Also new for the 2015 model ECU reprogram is elimination of the seat belt limiter from the factory. Now you're good to run your harness or run without your seat belt buckled in if that's your style! This is a must have for any RZR 1000!


2015 Model Year Owners

We can flash your 2015 ECU to our high performance 2014 flash. This eliminates your seat belt speed limiter, O2 sensor, and does all of the above. If you're looking to run a fuel controller, you'd want to use one for the 2014 model year with this program. If you do not plan on running a 2014 fuel controller and/or eliminating the factory O2 sensor, choose the 2015 option.


***Running at over 85 MPH may cause output shaft failure*** We recommend not running over 85 MPH without upgrading or supporting your output shaft***