BMP 3 Stage Anti-Lag ECU Program


Regular price $899.00

  • BMP custom programming for all Arctic Cat 1100 Turbo models.

  • Fast turnaround! Your ECU is normally programmed within 1-2 days of it arriving at our facility.

  • Huge horsepower gains

  • Safest tunes on the market

  • Most horsepower possible on pump fuel

  • Dyno graph 1 - BMP 2.25" exhaust, 2" charge tubes, head studs

  • Dyno graph 2 - BMP 3" exhaust, 2" charge tubes, head studs - Best option for optimum HP!

  • This requires your ECU to be sent in for programming.

  • Please insure the ECU for $1000+ dollars when shipping and package carefully.

  • Includes 3 stage program, 3 position switch, anti-lag button, and an LED knock light.

  • Please send a copy of the invoice or use our BMP Work Order Form when sending in your ECU.

  • Part #: ADBM14-3SLC

Looking for BMP programming in other areas?


Choose from low or high boost launch control modes when ordering. We recommend only low boost launch control for most. It is very hard to get enough traction to make the high boost launch control worth it!. Have your cake and eat it too, this programming will please everyone in one easy flash. Comes with 3 position switch, LED strip knock light, and a handlebar switch for launch control. Our ECU programming also has a higher rev limiter that still allows the DET sensor to work above 8300 RPM unlike the competition.


Please keep in mind if you go with the 315+ HP tune you will need to shim your wastegate and on the 320+ HP tune lock your wastegate. The lower horsepower tunes will not work with a shimmed or locked wastegate, this means you will have to un-shim or unlock the wastegate when switching back to lower tunes. 



Choose 3 Tunes:

  • 200 HP pump gas

  • 220 HP pump gas

  • 240 HP pump gas

  • 260 HP pump gas

  • 280 HP 100 Octane

  • 315+ HP Q16 or C16 + With Shimmed Wastegate

  • 320+ HP Q16 or C16 With Locked Wastegate



Download the instructions here