BMP 4 Stage 1100 Turbo ECU Programming


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  • BMP custom programming for all Arctic Cat 1100 Turbo models.

  • Fast turnaround! Your ECU is normally programmed within 1-2 days of it arriving at our facility.

  • Huge horsepower gains

  • Safest tunes on the market

  • Most horsepower possible on pump fuel

  • Dyno graph 1 - BMP 2.25" exhaust, 2" charge tubes, head studs

  • Dyno graph 2 - BMP 3" exhaust, 2" charge tubes, head studs - Best option for optimum hp!

  • Looking to do the tuning but don't want to do head studs? Select tunes 200, 220, 230, & 240.

  • This requires your ECU to be sent in for programming.

  • Please insure the ECU for $1000+ dollars when shipping and package carefully.

  • Includes 4 stage program, 4 position switch, and an LED knock light.

  • Please send a copy of the invoice or use our BMP Work Order Form when sending in your ECU.

  • Part #: ADBM14-4STAGE

Looking for programming in other areas?


You just can't beat our tunes for the 1100 turbo Arctic Cat!  Our 4 stage program installs 4 different maps into your ECU which are selected on the fly by our 4 position switch. These tunes are carefully developed on our Superflow 902 dyno to get you the most power while still being reliable. The 4 stage program comes with an LED strip knock light which senses any detonation, allowing you to back off the throttle or go into a lower tune before hitting limp mode. Our ECU programming also has a higher rev limiter that still allows the DET sensor to work above 8300 RPM unlike the competition. 

Choose 4 Tunes (220, 240, 260, 280 is most popular):

  • 200hp pump gas

  • 220hp pump gas

  • 240hp pump gas

  • 260hp pump gas

  • 280hp 100 Octane

  • 300hp Q16 No Waste Gate Shimming or Locking Needed

  • 315+hp Q16 or C16 + With Shimmed Waste Gate

  • 320+hp Q16 or C16 With Locked Waste Gate


Please keep in mind if you go with the 315+hp tune you will need to shim your waste gate and on the 320+hp tune lock your waste gate. The lower horsepower tunes will not work with a shimmed or locked waste gate, this means you will have to un-shim or unlock the waste gate when switching back to lower tunes. 

 Still not enough? We have an industry first: the BMP Powershot. This is a great addition to your four stage tune. The Powershot acts like a nitrous button, jumping up 2 tune positions instantly. Have someone on your tail? No reaching for your toggle switch anymore, grab the easy to reach handlebar button to leave them in the dust.


 So lets say you select 200hp 220hp, 240hp, & 260hp tunes. You can opt to wire this switch in two different ways.

 *WIRE POSITION A* - Tunes 1 & 2 will have the jump. Your 200hp tune would jump to 240hp with the push of the handlebar button, the 220hp tune would then go to 260hp with the handlebar button.

*WIRE POSITION B* - Tunes 2 & 3 will have the jump. Your 220hp tune would jump to 260hp, and your 240hp tune would also jump to 260hp when holding the handlebar switch.

This will work with any combination of tunes. You have the option to wire it either in position A or B once you recieve the kit, or change it at any time!


Download the instructions here