BMP 2005-10 IQ/Switch/RMK 600 Bolt-On Performer Kit - EFI Models

BMP 2005-10 IQ/Switch/RMK 600 Bolt-On Performer Kit - EFI Models


Regular price $1,999.00

BMP 2005-10 IQ/Switch/RMK 600 Bolt-On Performer Kit - EFI Models 

***Must Send In Pipe Mod without heat shield*** 

Stage 1 Part #: ADBM13-301-1 (Retail $1999)

Stage 3 Part #: ADBM13-301-3 (Retail $ 2699)


Please note this is a special order item, please include your model, year and riding elevation in the comments upon checkout.



Stage 1

The 600 twin has been a long time favorite now and it has a lot of potential for both high and low altitude. Starting off with our pipe mod to the stock pipe, we modify the pipe for some very nice power increases while retaining the stock look. We then add our trick billet head kit for some nice power gains throughout the powerband and quicker throttle response. Our billet head also has twice the cooling capacity for much better cooling. The high altitude version come with 14:1 domes for some very huge horsepower gains. We then finish it off with our Stage 2 clutch kit. Our Stage 2 clutch kit comes with a set of our Goldstar adjustable weights, new drive spring, driven spring and custom cut Team helix with two different angle combinations. This package adds 13-14 HP at low altitude and 18-20 HP for high altitude models with the higher compression head. With this setup you will have very noticeable acceleration gains and great throttle response.

Kit Includes: Billet Head, Clutch Kit, Pipe Mod & Power Commander 5 (Loaded with map) 

Stage 3

Want even more power? Send us your cylinders and exhaust valves for our professional cylinder porting and gain 6-7 HP extra on top of the Stage 1 kit!

Kit Includes: Cylinder Porting, Billet Head, Clutch Kit, Pipe Mod, Power Commander 5 (Loaded with map) 

**Send us your stock pipe without the heat shield for the pipe mod**