BMP 2015-17 AXYS 800 HO Bolt-On Performer Kits


Regular price $1,999.00

    • Fits 2015-17 800 HO AXYS Chassis Rush/Switchback/RMK, Models

    • Huge performance gains in one simple package!

    • Includes our programming for the Bully Dog GT which fixes many Polaris map issues

    • The programmer does not need to stay on the sled, it can be removed after programming

    • Easily use the programmer to data log, view gauges, check trouble codes, clear trouble codes, performance testing & more!

    • Stage 3 kit gains 24-25 horsepower

    • Our Stage 2 clutch kit drastically helps transfer these big power gains to the track

    • Must run a minimum of 91 octane fuel

    • Ceramic coated exhaust helps hold heat into the pipe for better performance

    • View the Bully Dog GT Instructions HERE

    • View the BMP Pipe Instructions HERE

    • Stage 3 kit includes: BMP y-pipe, BMP Single pipe, BMP Programmed Bully Dog GT, Stage 2 Clutch Kit, BMP Billet Head Kit, & BMP Durability Kit

    • Stage 3 Part #: 13-308-3


Our industry leading bolt-on performer kits will completely change your sled for the better and now includes our performance y-pipe for an additional 3-4 horsepower gain!  We extensively tested these products together to give the most performance possible.  We let you select your stage depending on how far you want to take things.  All kits include our performance single pipe which is the core of this kit.  This pipe design took MANY hours of development other companies just weren't willing to put in.  We made sure this is the best performance single pipe on the market for the 800 HO motor whether you ride low or high altitude. This pipe comes in a nice ceramic coated finish which is crucial to hold in the heat and make optimum horsepower.  The next major piece to the horsepower puzzle is the Bully Dog GT with our custom programming.  This is simply the best programmer on the market as long as you have the resources to use it correctly like we do.  We use this and our Superflow 902 dyno center to create a custom program that provides great power, reliability, and fixes many issues in the factory mapping. We can extend the timing curve to allow this motor to rev higher and have a more forgiving, easy to clutch powerband. We also fix the warm weather map (riding 25-30 degrees or warmer, which had major issues) and the steady state map. The steady state map is meant for cruising. This map has a leaner fuel to oil and fuel to air mixture which soars EGTs and creates a power delay when getting into the throttle. With our mapping you have a safer steady state map for longer engine life and gain instant throttle response when coming out of that map. We also increase the oil injection ratio at this point and various others to create a longer lasting engine.  Our next modification is of course clutching.  To get optimum horsepower to the track, you have to have clutching that is meant directly for the other modifications. Using our advanced profile, the Goldstar adjustable weights are simply top notch.  They use magnets to adjust which makes things quick and easy.  They also adjust from 59-81 grams so you'll only need one set of weights for low and high altitude riders.  This clutch kit also comes with both primary and secondary springs along with a custom cut helix.  All clutch kits are sent with an instruction sheet showing the proper setup for your modifications.

When choosing to go with the Stage 2 kit, you add our trick billet head kit.  This head kit is a huge performance gain. The stock head is not designed very well, so this is an easy one to improve on.  We use a hemispherical pocket, adjust squish and other variables to create reliable horsepower without adding compression. This head kit also adds cooling capacity and drops running temps. This is huge for maintaining and holding horsepower under the most crucial conditions.

Our Stage 3 kit adds all of the above plus our legendary Durability Kit. This Durability Kit uses top of the line components to help extend the life of your motor and gain horsepower at the same time.  You'll notice a smoother running, faster revving motor with the Stage 3 kit.  Additional horsepower comes from the added crank case volume and more efficient reed intake opening that the base spacer creates.  Simply amazing horsepower gains with this kit and a much better running sled!