AXYS Lightweight Battery Kit - 12.5lb Savings

AXYS Lightweight Battery Kit - 12.5lb Savings


Regular price $449.00

    • Lightweight Battery Kit fits all Polaris AXYS Models
    • A huge 12.5lb savings!
    • Add a lightweight muffler for another 9-12 lb savings
    • Lithium-Ion Polymer Technology
    • Extremely Lightweight
    • Heavy Duty Case & Terminals
    • 336 Cold Cranking Amps
    • 6 to 12 Times More Cycle Life Compared To Lead Acid Batteries
    • Can be mounted in any position
    • The aluminum battery box is light and durable
    • The stock battery heat shield can be used with slight modification


This battery kit is simply a must have for any Polaris AXYS! Why you ask? It's a 12.5 pound savings!!! That is simply huge. With this battery, our powder lite muffler and our battery box you shed nearly 25 pounds off an already lightweight sled. This battery has 336 cold cranking amps to make sure you start in all conditions. It features Lithium Ion Polymer Technology, heavy duty case and terminals, fast recharge, and longer life. The battery box is all aluminum with strong contraction and has that trick look. This battery box also allows for the use of our Full Velocity muffler on 2016-Up models without trimming your factory steel (heavy) battery box.