Big Mo Turbo Mod for '16-Up Polaris XP Turbo


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  • Kit includes: Big Mo Turbo

  • set of big injectors and a selection of 2 Big Mo tunes are required but sold separately.

  • Bikeman tune designed for the Bikeman Big Mo Turbo and product line

  • Needs extra-large injectors that will meet the demand of increased airflow

  • Original stock turbo size is a 50/44 and the new Big Mo Turbo is a 56/50

  • 6mm larger compressor exducer and exhaust inducer drastically improves the flow

  • Machined out compressor and exhaust housing bore to a massive 40mm/44mm diameter to fit all new billet compressor wheel and high flowing exhaust turbine

  • Larger higher flowing exhaust turbine has less exhaust backpressure which lowers exhaust valve temps prolonging valve life and decreases knock

  • BMP billet compressor wheel is larger and lighter than the factory wheel

  • Quicker spool time means faster throttle response

  • Makes 18 psi sustainable on premium fuel

  • Capable of 27+ lbs of boost with up to 280 hp on race fuel

  • Higher achievable boost with lower temps

  • Big gains in total CFM

  • Increased turbo longevity

  • Compatible with special BMP Big Mo Turbo tunes

  • Direct bolt-on, no additional modifications required

  • Exchange turbos stocked or you can request mod be done to yours

  • Requires your turbo and wastegate assembly to be shipped to our Wisconsin facility

  • Please fill out this WORK ORDER FORM along with a copy of your invoice (if ordering online) and place it in the box with your turbo. Package your turbo carefully and insure the package. Bikeman Performance Plus is not responsible for damages during shipping.

  • When we receive your turbo; we do a full inspection to ensure that there is no major damage. If your turbo needs repairs, additional costs will occur. Before any modification can be done we must guarantee that your turbo will be running at peak performance.

  • When we receive your turbo; we do a full inspection to ensure that there is no major damage. The wastegate and threads must be in GOOD condition for core credit. If your turbo needs repairs additional costs will occur.

  • If your turbo is not repairable you will not receive a core refund.

  • Part Number:ADBM10-301-BM-KIT

Cylinder Core Exchange Options(see drop-down menu):   

  • Option 1: Purchase Outright - No core Turbo are required to be sent in - Raises kit price by $1600

  • Option 2: Exchange Parts, MUST send your Turbo Core within 14 business days. As soon as you do, the $1600 charge will be refunded. Exchange parts not received in that amount of time will have no credit applied, and the customer will have to pay for return shipping. 

  • Option 3: Exchange Parts - Your order will be pulled on our shelf waiting for your exchange Turbo to arrive. Once they arrive, we will normally ship the kit within a few business days. No core charge will be applied since we will have your Turbo prior to shipping the big-bore cylinder. 


If you are looking to have the RZR that is in a whole new league of performance then look no further. The Bikeman Big Mo Turbo is the ultimate performance adder. The Big Mo Turbo comes with matched Big Mo performance tune that will make sure you get all the performance while maintaining the reliability you expect from Bikeman. The Big Mo turbo comes with Exchange Turbo, extra large 80lb per hour injectors and tune for your existing Bullydog or Powervision flash device.

Bikeman Performance Emissions Regulation Notice

*Once this performance exhaust system has been installed on your vehicle, the vehicle is considered “For Competition Use Only”

§1068.235 Exempting nonroad engines/equipment used solely for competition.

(b) If you modify any nonroad engines/equipment after they have been placed into service in the United States so they will be used solely for competition, they are exempt without request.

(c) If you modify any nonroad engines/equipment under paragraph (b) of this section, you must destroy the original emission labels. If you loan, lease, sell, or give any of these engines/equipment to someone else, you must tell the new owner (or operator, if applicable) in writing that they may be used only for competition.

Owner Responsibility:

Individuals engaging in performance enhancement and support must understand and comply with applicable Federal and State laws, including but not limited to compliance with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions regulation. To use the competition exemption noted above:

  • Owners must destroy any existing emissions label installed by the manufacturer. If the emissions label is combined with other content, only the portion of the label related to emissions need be destroyed. This does not pertain to vehicles already exempted and labeled as competition-only vehicles from the factory

  • Owners of vehicles modified for competition must inform, in writing, any purchaser of the vehicle that it has been exempted from EPA regulations and therefore may be used only for competition.

By installing this performance exhaust system, you recognize that Bikeman Performance has informed you of certain obligations necessary for competition use of your vehicle.