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    • BMP Billet Head Kit for the 2008-Up 800 CFI Motor

    • Does not fit the AXYS 800 HO

    • Increase cooling capacity for lower running temps which helps maintain peak power

    • Low altitude kits gain 4-5 mid range and peak horsepower

    • High altitude kits gain 8-9 HP in the mid range, and 7-8 peak

    • No jetting or EFI changes required when just running the head

    • Head can also be run with our durability kit and no fuel changes (10-11 HP combo!)

    • Fuel controller is required when running in combination with our pipe

    • We recommend running BR9ES NGK plugs

    • High altitude PN: ADBM04-311-H

    • Low altitude PN: ADBM04-311-L

    • Turbo PN: ADBM04-31T


Easy bolt on power for your 800 CFI! This head has twice the cooling capacity to keep your motor running cooler to maintain horsepower by staying below the 120 degree timing curve.

We offer two different dome configurations:

IQ800-37.5 is a 12.5:1 compression ratio that works great in the 6000-9000 ft range and bolts on 7-8 HP in the mid-range and 5-6 HP peak.

IQ800-42.5 is our lower 11.8:1 compression version for sea level to 6000 ft and gains 4-5 HP. The stock 12.1-12.2:1 compression ratio makes the motors detonation sensor kick on very easily and won’t allow you to lean out the motor for extra power. By bolting on this version it allows you to lean out your machine with a fuel controller and pick up 5-6 safe horsepower. Some people have purchased this version simply to make it run cooler and less likely to set off the detonation sensor and put the sled in limp mode. This dome design is different than others with a unique wider squish band and radius giving you great power and better reliability.

This head does not require a fuel controller.

For huge and reliable gains use with our pipe and a Power Commander controller! 

Click here for general billet head installation instructions