BMP Billet Head Kit for 600 EV HO/Fusion/IQ/RMK/Rush

BMP Billet Head Kit for 600 EV HO/Fusion/IQ/RMK/Rush


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  • BMP Billet Head Kit for the 600 EV HO/Fusion/IQ/RMK/Rush 600 2007-2014

  • Will not fit IQR models **See below description if you have these models**

  • Increase cooling capacity for lower running temps which helps maintain peak power

  • Low altitude kits gain 4-5 mid range horsepower and 2-3 peak

  • High altitude kits gain 6-7hp in the mid range, and 4-5 peak

  • No jetting or EFI changes required when just running the head

  • High altitude PN: ADBM04-308H

  • Low altitude PN: 04-308L


Gain huge throttle response, awesome grunt and great power with our billet head kit for the 600 CFI and Carb motor. Fits all 2007-14 600 exhaust valve motors** and works with premium pump gas. This kit replaces the stock head with a billet head cover for better cooling and uses interchangeable domes. The extra cooling capacity will keep the motor running 10-15 degrees cooler so you maintain better power. You will notice an instant improvement in how fast the motor revs and responds. 4-5 horsepower gains throughout the powerband for flat landers and 6-7 HP gains for high altitude applications. Easy bolt-on performance!!

**This kit will not work on IQR sleds as they use a larger inlet neck and one or two plugs for the water temp sensor ports. You can purchase this kit for the IQR sled, but you would be held responsible for sourcing your own inlet and any necessary plugs.

 Click here for general billet head installation instructions