BMP Billet Head Kit for XP 800R

BMP Billet Head Kit for XP 800R


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  • BMP Billet Head Kit for the 2008-11 Rev/Renegade/Summit XP 800R

  • A must have item for your XP 800R as they are known to over heat

  • Increase cooling capacity for lower running temps which helps maintain peak power

  • Low altitude kits gain 7-8 mid range horsepower and 4-5 peak

  • High altitude kits gain 8-10hp in the mid range, and 6-7 peak

  • No jetting changes required

  • High altitude PN: ADBM04-212H

  • Low altitude PN: 04-212L


Our head rocks on the XP! We picked up 5 peak horsepower and 7-8 through the mid-range. This head kit provides increased cooling capacity keeps the motor running cooler, quicker throttle response. Low, and high elevation domes are available. Kit comes standard with 2 domes, billet head cover, and complete instructions. A very noticeable increase in acceleration and throttle response without sacrificing reliability with premium pump fuel. Easy bolt on power that works!!


Click here for general billet head installation instructions