BMP Complete Diamond Drive Torsional Conversion Kit

BMP Complete Diamond Drive Torsional Conversion Kit


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BMP Complete Torsional Conversion Kit for Diamond Drive Arctic Cats





If you own an Arctic Cat Snowmobile with a Diamond Drive, you have one big problem. The stock driven clutch uses a compression spring that coil binds and doesn’t allow the clutches to shift into overdrive. This causes a major lack in top speed, excessive belt heat from slippage, and lack of performance. The good news is we have the fix here at BMP. Whether you are in the mountains on a M sled, flat lander on a Crossfire, F Sled or a Firecat, BMP can get your sled performing the way it should! By going to a spring utilizing both compression and torsional forces we allow the clutches to shift up to a 15% overdrive and eliminate coil binding. This has a dramatic effect on your sled. You get improved acceleration and smoother backshifting but the huge gain is track speed and top speed gains. On average we will see gains of 7-8 MPH of top speed! That’s huge! Some customers report that they get up to 10-11 MPH of top speed gain! This is hands down the best and first thing you should do to any Diamond Drive machine! When we were in British Columbia testing a few seasons ago we picked up 5-7 MPH of track speed on a M1000 climbing the steep and deep! Those are huge gains! We offer this conversion for all Diamond Drive models.

Included is a new BMP torsional spring, a custom-cut, progressive angle billet helix along with the billet torsional conversion kit. For even better results we recommend our complete Stage 2 clutch kit with Goldstar weights and drive clutch spring.