BMP Exhaust Valve Spacers

BMP Exhaust Valve Spacers


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BMP Exhaust Valve Spacers for 1000 and 600/700 motors.

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Part Numbers:ADBMBMP-EVS


1000 Motors- Since the exhaust valves don’t open until 6800 rpm, there is a loss of torque from 6300 to 6750 rpm in the mid-range. By installing our exhaust valve spacers your machine will see gains of 6-8 hp in the mid-range with the stock exhaust, and 8-10 hp if you have an aftermarket exhaust system. It adds a lot of mid-range power and broadens the powerband at an extremely low price. Machined out of aluminum, sold as a pair and comes with a easy install instruction sheet. 600/700 Motors- Designed for carbureted F6/F7 models. Since the exhaust valves open at such a high rpm on the carbureted models the mid-range power is sacrificed dramatically compared to the EFI models. A recent dyno session at Dynotech has proven that our spacers drastically improve mid-range power by 10-14 horsepower.They also work well on 800cc big bore kits to allow exhaust valve clearance from the piston without machining.