F7 Fatt Azz Big Bore Single Pipe


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BMP F7 Fatt Azz Big Bore Single Pipe


****2003-2004 Models will need to purchase the updated 2005-06 pipe mount**** The ball mount is no longer used with this setup. You must switch to the better 05-06 mount for the pipe to be mounted properly. If purchasing the pipe & y-pipe together only one mount is needed.


Need new exhaust springs? 1.8" springs / 2.5" springs
How pipes are made

Black PN: ADBM01-101BB

Ceramic PN: 01-101BB-C


Our BMP Fatt Azz single pipe is one strong single pipe! The neat part about this pipe is it likes to be worked hard and it has an amazingly wide powerband. This is the pipe we use to make our F8 big bores make 170-174 HP and over 180 HP with our F9 big bores. The powerband at wide open throttle is from 7700-8200 RPM. This is crazy wide power that is easy to clutch and make haul Azz! This pipe is designed to only work with a BMP high flow manifold and fits into the stock muffler or our lightweight Full Velocity mufflers. Available for Firecats, M series and X-Fires. No need for twin pipes any more! Go Fatt. Go BMP Fatt Azz! Low altitude pipe only - high alt riders will see best performance with the Stealth Pipe.