BMP F8 Big Bore for F/M/X-Fire 600/700

BMP F8 Big Bore for F/M/X-Fire 600/700


Regular price $2,495.00

600cc models will require purchasing the cylinders and exhaust valves outright. This is because the 600 cylinders cannot be bored to the 800, only the 700 cylinders can be bored. $700 is added to the kit for these models, and it is not required for you to send in your cylinders or exhaust valves.

F/M/X-Fire 700cc models will require your cylinders and exhaust valves to be sent in for exchange.

Use this form when sending in engine work: BMP WORK ORDER FORM


Part Number: ADBM09-C800BBK       


Our most popular big bore kit ever and still going strong. A few years ago we started using the OEM cat 800 piston and this package really started cranking out huge power! We also spent a lot of time developing our new Fatt Azz single pipe just for this package that works so well we don't even mention twin pipes for this motor anymore. We bore out your stock cylinders, do full porting to them, replate the nikasil, modify the exhaust valves, add exhaust valve spacers, and CNC machine the stock head, though many of you may choose to upgrade to our billet head kit for better cooling. We give you a set of 85mm cast OEM pistons, and a Cometic gasket kit. F6 owners require the purchase of our complete kit with cylinders, billet head and new F7 exhaust valves. This kit makes 170-172 horsepower with a 2.5 degree timing key and our Fatt Azz single pipe and y-pipe. Add Boyesen Rage cages and it makes 173-175 HP! Also, if you add 50mm throttle bodies it makes 178-180 HP with huge torque nearing 120 lb/ft! Mountain riders usually choose to go with our mountain version combustion chamber design with higher compression. (For high altitude riding only, our stealth pipe works best for boondocking) This kit has been awarded the "Quiet Giant", "Top End Rush", "Best Bang for the Buck" and the "Holeshot award" and top placed finisher at the Adirondack Shootout in Old Forge, New York over the past years. You can see why it has become our most popular big bore kit! It is extremely powerful and reliable!

Recommended Options: Big Bore Pipe, High Flow Manifold, Power Commander 5 (for EFI models), and the billet head upgrade.

When ordering this kit online please send a copy of your invoice with your cylinders and exhaust valves to the address below. If exchange cylinders are available at the time, your kit will be shipped shortly after we receive your cylinders.

Bikeman Performance Plus
920 Pine Street, Saint Croix Falls, WI 54024