BMP Offset Timing Keys

BMP Offset Timing Keys


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  • BMP Advanced Timing Keys

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  • Small 1.3 Degree PN: ADBMBMP-TK1

  • Small 4 Degree PN: BMP-TK3

  • Large 1.25 Degree PN: BMP-TK4 

  • Large 2.5 Degree PN: BMP-TK5

  • Large 3.75 Degree PN: BMP-TK6

  • Large 5 Degree PN: BMP-TK7

  • Polaris 1 Degree PN: BMP-TK8

  • Polaris 2 Degree PN: BMP-TK9

  • Polaris 3 Degree PN: BMP-TK10


BMP Offset Timing Keys are offset to advance timing by slightly rotating the flywheel in various degrees. Advance your timing for more horsepower. On average it's 1-2 HP per degree. Premium gas required in most cases. 4-5 degree typically require race fuel. Easy bolt-on performance!

 Small Keys: Fits Carburated Arctic Cat snowmobiles F6, F7, ZR800, ZR900, 440, 500, 600, 700 ZR's, ZRT 800, 900, 1000 triples

Large Keys: EFI Arctic Cat Models

Polaris Keys: Fit All CFI  2-stroke snowmobile motors

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