BMP Polaris 11-Up Pro-R 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit


Regular price $2,299.00

  • Fits 2011-Up Pro-R 800 CFI Rush/Indy/Switchback/RMK models (NOT AXYS models)

  • Huge performance gains in one simple package

  • Great gains at both low and high altitude

  • Tied clutch kit ensures these big power gains get to the track!

  • Four different stages to choose from!

  • Stage 1 Part #: ADBM13-310-1

  • Stage 2 Part #: 13-310-2

  • Stage 3 Part #: 13-310-3

  • Stage 4 Part #: 13-310-4


The Pro-R chassis from Polaris is great, but the motor is a little weak compared to the other 800's. No worries, we have what it takes to take your Rush, Switchback, Assault or RMK above and beyond the competition. These kits get absolute rave reviews from customers! Huge torque and horsepower which really make your 800 CFI rip. We break it down into 2 stages depending on how far you want to go.

Choose your weapon:

Stage 1: This includes our torque monster BMP Fatt Azz Pipe, Power Commander V EFI controller, airbox shelf, and our Stage 2 TIED clutch kit. All very easy components to install and a 10-13 horsepower gain. The Tied clutch kit also shows extreme mid-range pull and usually a 4-5 MPH top speed increase. Power Commander comes installed with map.

Stage 2: Everything in Stage 1 plus the BMP billet head kit for an additional 4-5 additional HP over Stage 1.

Stage 3: Everything in Stage 2 plus the BMP Durability Kit and V-Force reed cages! 6-7 additional HP over Stage 2.

Stage 4: Everything in Stage 3 plus BMP cylinder porting. (Must send us your cylinders & exhaust valves) 7 additional HP over Stage 3.