BMP Polaris 670cc Big Bore for 600RS

BMP Polaris 670cc Big Bore for 600RS


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A 670cc big bore kit for your Polaris 600 race sled! Great trail setup with killer horsepower! 2-3 week turnaround time. We will need your cylinders, head, and exhaust valves(blades only).


Actual product will differ from picture. Updated picture coming soon!


***Must send in cylinders, head, and exhaust valves*** If doing the recommended pipe mod you must also send your pipe. Package all contents VERY CAREFULLY and insure the package. BMP is not responsible for damages that occur in shipping.


Turnaround time can vary from 1-3 weeks for this kit depending on if core cylinders are in stock. Kits will normally ship very soon after your core cylinders and exhaust valves are received by BMP. We do grind your same exhaust valves which can have a 2-3 day delay on the order shipping. In a pinch and need a kit out asap? Call us and we can charge you for the core and ship your parts right away(depending on stock).


For the 600 race sled motor with 70mm stroke, this 670cc big bore kit cranks out some serious horsepower for not a lot of money. We bore the cylinders out to match our Wossner forged dual ring pistons. The cylinders are then ported and re-nikasil plated. The stock head is machined for the larger bore, and the exhaust valves are modified for clearance. For best horsepower gains we recommend sending us your pipe for our pipe mod ($225), which gives the motor more mid range torque and peak horsepower. You can run it into the stock muffler or our lightweight Powder Lite muffler. The kit produces 155 horsepower in pump gas form!! A great way to way make a race sled into a fun trail machine with more torque and horsepower! Must send cylinders, exhaust valves & head for machining. Some re-jetting and clutch tuning is required.

Click here to download the general big bore instructions