BMP 2012-16 1100 Turbo Big Intercooler Kit

BMP 2012-16 1100 Turbo Big Intercooler Kit


Regular price $1,199.00

  • Fits all 2012-16 1100 Turbo models 

  • Nearly doubles the cooling capacity

  • 10-15 HP gains with supporting mods and boost level

  • No hood cutting!! Installs the same as factory intercooler

  • Kit Includes: Big intercooler, charge tubes & clamps 

  • Choose to get the whole kit with charge tubes, or purchase just the intercooler without charge tubes 

  • Part #: ADBM14-PCIC-kit


Redesigned so no hood cutting is necessary! This big intercooler from BMP is a must for those running big boost. The extra capacity over the stock intercooler nearly doubles the intercooler size helping cool your charge down for more flow and more horsepower! Not only cooling the charge more but more volume is key. This intercooler kit comes with our factory replacement 2" charge tube kit. You can use your factory charge tubes but gains will not be as big, nor is that recommended. This is a larger yet direct replacement for your factory intercooler. 10-15 horsepower gains depending on modifications and boost.

Comes with intercooler, charge tubes, clamps, and boots.