BMP 2012-16 1100 Turbo Outlet Manifold

BMP 2012-16 1100 Turbo Outlet Manifold


Regular price $399.00

  • Fits 2012-16 1100 Turbo Models

  • A must have with one of our performance mufflers!

  • 5-7hp gain on stock boost level

  • Gain even more on sleds with boost increased

  • Non divorced internal design has been proven to flow more than divorced on this model

  • High quality stainless steel part that is made in the USA

  • Includes both gaskets for the turbo and muffler

  • Part #: ADBM14-PC-TOM


We have done it again! First and only to produce an outlet manifold on the Z1, and doing the same horsepower enhancement on the Procross/Proclimb 1100 Turbo models. We allow the waste gate and turbo outlet gasses to flow together smoother creating less turbulence and more free flowing exhaust. This piece is mandrel bent unlike the stock unit which causes the stock 2" tube to be reduced to 1.8"! This does not help horsepower on a turbo motor. We went big with our 2.25" mandrel bent Turbo Outlet Manifold and the dyno numbers show it! 5-7 HP gain over stock. A must-have especially when turning up the boost.