BMP Programmed Bully Dog GT for 2013-2018 Ranger 900


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  • Bully Dog Powersports Gauge Tuner for all Polaris 2013-18 Ranger 900 Models

  • 2013-2018 Model Year only with 000350 ECU serial number will not work on 2019-up model year Ranger

  • Huge power gains that your Ranger really needs

  • + 27-28 HP gains on 2013-14 Models, +20 HP on 2015-Up Models

  • Makes your Ranger feel more like a RZR

  • Opens the throttle body up all the way for maximum horsepower!

  • See 75+ MPH (2 Door Models with clutching)

  • Speed limiters removed

  • Torque limiters removed

  • Locks throttle 1/1 with the pedal

  • Fan temp on/off is lowered

  • Optimized fuel & timing curves

  • Data logging - record data to the unit's SD card for up to 20 minutes. Data can be played back and viewed using the Bully Dog software on your PC.

  • For the Ranger 900 you can monitor: throttle %, barometric pressure, RPM, speed, battery voltage, coolant temp, intake temp, timing MAG, timing PTO, injection Mag, injection PTO, MAP sensor, engine load.

  • 0-60 and 1/4 mile performance tests.

  • Read and erase trouble codes.

  • Easy to install.

  • Serial number specific. This unit can only be used to tune on one machine to prevent theft.

  • *Must run 91 octane minimum*

  • Easily upgrade to other levels depending on what modifications you have.

  • Clutching is highly recommended for maximum power and performance (Click the link: 2013 Kit, 2014-Up Kit)

  • If mounting your GT for gauges, we suggest the Bully Dog GT Armor which helps keep dust and moisture out.

  • See the full description below for more model specifics.

  • Installation Instructions can be viewed HERE

  • Download Bully Dog data logging software HERE

  • View our Bully Dog GT tech section HERE

  • Already have a Powersports GT and need to upgrade tunes? Click HERE

  • Part #: ADBMBG-48100-RNGR900

  • Tuner base price includes just one tune. Additional tunes are $50 each.

  • Select your model from the drop down below, then list your year and ECU serial number.

  • Next, pick your tunes. You can pick any amount of tunes, in any order. Tunes can be sent to you via e-mail and loaded on the GT later on

  • "Turf Mode", for applicable models, is disabled with this tune. This means your rear end will stay locked. This however does include another "turf mode tune" that you can easily program the unit back to. Please see the below description for further details.


Ranger 900 Tuning Info

Why not give the Ranger 900 RZR sharp performance? The Bully Dog GT tuner and BMP tunes are the most lethal combination ever brought to the RZR/Ranger world! All of our tunes feature a locked throttle by wire along with a raised rev limiter, raised speed limiter, optimized timing curve, and optimized fuel curve. This unit can also do 0-60 and 1/4 mile performance tests to show your gains. Locking the TBW is a huge deal as the stock program limits your throttle position at various times as a sort of traction control. On the stock Ranger 900, the throttle body does not open up all the way. This is Polaris limiting your power output with many different variables. This tune allows you to hit 100% throttle which gains HUGE mid-range and peak power. This breathes new life into your stock or nearly stock machine and is absolutely necessary when running any engine mods. With our base program, you gain big acceleration, hold max RPM better, rev higher, and go faster. This base program is built-in with our other programs for exhaust, big bores and more. Just select the tune(s) that best matches your machine and modifications and go ride!

Your stock Ranger only hits mid to upper 6000's for RPM. With this program and our clutch kit (developed just for this program), you can run 7900-8500 RPM which provides a huge horsepower increase. This Ranger 900 motor is the same as the RZR S 900 motor which spins much higher from the factory. From years of development and testing with this style motor, we know horsepower is within the higher RPM. More RPM also equals more speed. When testing we could hit 75 MPH on a full cab setup...and it was still climbing! The entire feel and sound of the machine changes with this tune. Your stock lazy revving motor is now transformed to a rev-happy machine that flat out rips!

**Please Read** Turf Mode Issue - In the performance tune, turf mode will be disabled. Because of this, you will always have an engine code flashing on your dash in that tune. We are working on a solution, but do not know when or if we will get turf mode to work in the performance tune. HOWEVER, we include a second tune loaded on your SD card specifically for turf mode. This tune is basically stock, but with the hard (ignition) rev limit raised. This allows the unit to rev up to 8500 (most will see only mid to high 7000's) and will still provide much better power than the stock tune, just not as much as our level 1 performance tune. The estimated horsepower of the Turf Mode Tune is 75 HP. This is necessary because the lighter clutch weights will allow the machine to rev much too quickly for the stock tune. Still, in the turf mode tune, performance is gained because of the higher RPM.

From other places, the Bully Dog retails for $495 which is only good for gauges, code reading, and data logging. Our ECU tune for the stock ECU which only locks the throttle by wire raises rev limit and raises speed limit retails for $395.   With this unit, you get both plus an optimized fuel and timing curve for only $699.95! This is a must-have for any Ranger 900 from stock to modified. *Must run 91 octane minimum*

**We also highly recommend welding your spider nut on the primary clutch** This is a fairly simple modification especially when the clutch is already apart to install the weights. Due to the higher RPM of this tune, some spider nuts have had issues coming loose. Please see the last image showing this modification performed.


Ranger 900 Tunes Currently Available: 

Level 1 - Stock/Slip-On Exhaust

Level 3 - Exhaust & Cams

Level 4 - Exhaust, Cams & Porting

Bikeman Performance Emissions Regulation Notice

 *Once this performance tuner has been installed on your vehicle, the vehicle is considered “For Competition Use Only”

§1068.235 Exempting nonroad engines/equipment used solely for competition.

(b) If you modify any nonroad engines/equipment after they have been placed into service in the United States so they will be used solely for competition, they are exempt without request.

(c) If you modify any nonroad engines/equipment under paragraph (b) of this section, you must destroy the original emission labels. If your loan, lease, sell or give any of these engines/equipment to someone else, you must tell the new owner (or operator, if applicable) in writing that they may be used only for competition. 

Owner Responsibility:

Individuals engaging in performance enhancement and support must understand and comply with applicable Federal and State laws, including but not limited to compliance with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions regulation. To use the competition exemption noted above:

  • Owners must destroy any existing emissions label installed by the manufacturer. If the emissions label is combined with other content, only the portion of the label related to emissions need be destroyed. This does not pertain to vehicles already exempted and labeled as competition-only vehicles from the factory

  • Owners of vehicles modified for competition must inform, in writing, any purchaser of the vehicle that it has been exempted from EPA regulations and therefore may be used only for competition.

By installing this performance tuner, you recognize that Bikeman Performance has informed you of certain obligations necessary for competition use of your vehicle.