BMP Ranger/Sportsman 500 High Performance Cams

BMP Ranger/Sportsman 500 High Performance Cams


Regular price $399.00

All Ranger/Sportsman 500 PN: ADBM10-HPC-5


Cam Core Exchange Options (see drop down menu): 

  • Option 1: Purchase Outright - No core is required to be sent in - Raises kit price by $125

  • Option 2: Exchange cam, send yours back within 2 weeks. As soon as you do, the $125 charge will be refunded.

  • Option 3: Exchange cam - Your order will be waiting for your cam to arrive. Once it does, we will ship the kit. No core charge will be applied since we will have your cam prior to shipping the performance cam.

***If using option 2, your core must be sent back within 2 weeks of receiving our products or no refund will be given***


500 Cam : This cam adds 2-3 HP and has incredible low end torque and acceleration. Whether used with a stock or a modified motor, this cam is an easy bolt-in power gain. The instant you fire it up the motor has a deeper, throatier tone and revs much faster. A must have for all stock or modified Ranger 500's. Must be used with a fuel controller on EFI models. Match it with our pipe and big throttle body for the ultimate power gain! Stock core must be sent in or can be purchased outright for an additional $125.

Cams sent in for exchange must be returned within 2 weeks after our cam is received or $125 per cam charge will be applied.