BMP RZR & Ranger 900/1000, RZR 1000S Big Valve AirXtreme Kit


Regular price $3,999.00

  • AirXtreme kit for 2015-Up RZR 900, 2016-Up RZR S 1000, General 1000, Ranger 1000 2017+ and 2013-Up Ranger 900 models.

  • This is the motor package our national-level riders are dominating with!

  • Works excellent with the stock bore or big bore motors

  • +4mm oversize exhaust valves for maximum airflow

  • Ported Head for maximum airflow

  • BMP Custom High-Performance Cams for maximum airflow

  • RZR 1000 S & General Models: 135hp with the Bully Dog GT Tuner & BMP exhaust on the stock bore (+35hp)

  • 900 Models: 115 HP with the Bully Dog GT Tuner & BMP exhaust on the stock bore (+40hp)

  • 900 Models: 120+hp when combined with the 935cc big bore (+45hp)

  • Big power that loves to rev!

  • Bully Dog GT with our custom programming is REQUIRED with this kit

  • Our performance exhaust is also highly recommended for optimum horsepower

  • Includes: HD exhaust springs, exhaust spring bases, exhaust spring retainers, exhaust spring keepers, BMP cams, +2mm exhaust valves, exhaust valve seats, exhaust valve seals, intake & exhaust shim under buckets, valve shims, head porting, and valve shimming.

  • Can buy BMP Cams separately. $750 per set. 

  • If we find your guides to be in bad shape, we would need to replace them at the same time. This is $70 per guide

  • 2-3 week normal turnaround time

  • Please fill out this WORK ORDER FORM along with a copy of your invoice (if ordering online) and place in the box with your Cam Caps,  Cylinder Head with valves installed. Package your Cylinder Head with valves carefully and insure the package. Bikeman Performance Plus is not responsible for damages during shipping.

  • Part Number: ADBM10-AX-302


Are you looking to get the most out of your General 1000, RZR 1000S, 2015-Up RZR 900, Ranger 1000 2017 + or 2013-Up Ranger 900? This motor kit has been proven to produce actual results that make big horsepower. On the national racing level, this package outperforms so much that competitors have tried to tech us for cheating. NOPE! It's simple... the homework has been done and we've created the most badass engine package available. The stock platform is alright, but they left so much airflow on the table. We start off by changing out the small exhaust valves with larger ones, then porting your head to our proven specs.  We then add our high-performance camshafts which have a higher lift and a great profile to make huge all-around horsepower gains. Next, we add heavy-duty valve springs, valve seals, new spring bases, retainers, HD buckets, and shim your valves. This means we switch you out to a regular shim under bucket style adjustment, and we do the valve shimming for you. All you need to do is simply install the head and time your cams. The kit is meant to run with 91 octane pump gas, no race gas required.

We can also do a full motor build for you! Professional disassembly and assembly of this motor would add $600 to the build cost.

Looking for a race fuel motor? We can go high compression with a hotter timing curve and gain another 5-6 HP on 110 octanes.

Our exhaust system and Custom programmed Bully Dog GT are necessary when running this kit. Our Stage 2 clutch kit is also highly recommended and is necessary unless you already have adjustable clutch weights. The BMP 935cc big bore kit also works extremely well on top of this kit showing another 5-6 HP and big torque.

Looking for less? We can eliminate any components from the AirXtreme package for those just looking for a big valve head. Please contact us for more information and pricing if this is something you're interested in.

***Please send your head in with valves assembled, and cams bolted in with all cam caps. Please remove your intake boots and cam gears. Package carefully and insure package accordingly!***