BMP Stock Muffler Mod

BMP Stock Muffler Mod


Regular price $299.00

BMP Stock Muffler Mod ($199.95 per pair)

Works on most models 2006-2011 (non catalytic converter models)


Why spend 400-500 dollars on mufflers when you can have your stock bagger
mufflers recored by us for $199.95?!? We have spent many hours on our Dynojet
motorcycle dyno perfecting our baffles and we have outdone the competition.
We were suprized how poorly the Screaming Eagle mufflers actually performed
and sounded. You can install our recored mufflers with no fuel or jetting changes
and get 5-6 horsepower over stock. We offer a standard and big bore version.
They have a nice smooth sound for cruising, but bark nicely when you get on the
throttle! Not stupid loud, but just right. We can either do your mufflers same day
we receive them, or you can purchase mufflers outright for $100 more.