BMP XP800R 880cc Big Bore Kit

BMP XP800R 880cc Big Bore Kit


Regular price $2,495.00

  • Big bore kit for 2008-11 XP 800R Rev/Renegade/Summit models

  • Huge 185 horsepower

  • Big low end torque (120ft/lbs!)

  • Turnaround time can vary from 1-15 business days for this kit depending on if core cylinders are in stock. Normal turnaround time is between 3-5 business days.

  • Use this Work Order Form when sending parts so shipping/receiving knows how to identify them. 

  • ***Must send in cylinders, and exhaust valves(Blades Only)*** Package all contents VERY CAREFULLY and insure the package. BMP is not responsible for damages that occur in shipping. Core parts must be in good, usable condition. Parts not in useable condition will not be credited and the customer will be responsible for return shipping.

  • Part #: ADBM09-201


Cylinder Core Exchange Options(see drop down menu):

  • Option 1: Purchase Outright - No core cylinder or exhaust valves are required to be sent in - Raises kit price by $800

  • Option 2: Exchange Parts, MUST send your cylinder and exhaust valves within 14 business days. As soon as you do, the $800 charge will be refunded. Exchange parts not received in that amount of time will have no credit applied, and the customer will have to pay for return shipping. 

  • Option 3: Exchange Parts - Your order will be pulled on our shelf waiting for your exchange cylinder & exhaust valves to arrive. Once they arrive, we will normally ship the kit within a few business days. No core charge will be applied since we will have your cylinder prior to shipping the big bore cylinder. 



This kit is one of our most popular big bore kits. Why? Because it works and it smokes the competions big bores! With our y-pipe and Boyesen Rage Cages it makes 184-185 hp with well over 120 lb/ft of torque. Part of why it works so well is because we developed the motor's torque to be a real driving force behind the performance. That's 20 more lb/ft of torque over the stock motor! You can really feel it too! We have been abusing the competition all over North America with this kit. On the ice in New York, to the hills of Wisconsin, to the Mountains of British Columbia, we just keep turning heads. Send us your cylinders so we can carefully bore them, then extensively port them to our spec. Our 86mm forged dual ring pistons have proven to be very durable for many hard miles. Add our billet head for extra cooling and powerful combustion chambers. We also put the o-rings into the dome and machined the cylinder to accept the new style dome. This gives the inner o-ring better protection if you were to run extra timing or nitrous. For best results use with Boyesen Rage Cages, 880 Big Bore clutch kit and our performance Y-Pipe. Available for both low and high altitudes so please specify when ordering.

Included In Kit: Exchange Cylinder, Exchange Exhaust Valves, Big Bore Billet Head Kit, 880 inner o-rings, Pistons, Rings, Circlips, & Wristpins. 

Recommended Options for optimum horsepower: BMP Y-Pipe, Boyesen Rage Cages, Stage 2 Clutch Kit, Top End Gasket Kit.

Big bore muffler is required if running 0-6000ft altitude.

Recommended Jetting: With supportings mods on the stage 1 porting run 500 mains, 20 thou needle shims, and size 20 pilot jets. With supporting mods on Stage 2 porting run 480 (stock) mains with 20 thou needle shims and size 20 pilot jets. These are both recommended starting jetting specs for break in. Many times you can jet down 1-2 sizes after break in depending on how your motor runs and elevation. 

Stage 2 has even more drastic porting and gets you 3-4 extra ponies. Race gas recommended on stage 2 motors.

Click here to download the 880 big bore special instructions

Click here to download the general big bore instructions