2016-2022 AXYS (with chain drive)

2016-2022 AXYS (with chain drive)


Regular price $900.00

Replacement for 2016-2022 axys chain drive

Get all the advantages with zero disadvantage. Lighter weight, less maintenance, more ride time with less wrenching. After installing this kit you will notice more throttle response and overall power increase due to less rotational mass and more consistent belt tension. There is almost 3Lbs of rotational mass and 11LBS of overall mass lost, get a light weight can and that is up to 28Lbs Lost. Change gearing in minutes if the riding needs it. 

You will have the following benefits from this system.

  • 1250 Grams (2.75 lb) less rotating mass
  • 9 lb weight savings (11 lb savings with oil delete)
  • Currently available in Gear Ratios from 1.56 to 2.63
  • No break-in period
  • Direct bolt-on takes approx. 3 hours to install
  • Gear and belt changes in minutes
  • Inexpensive 8mm pitch belts