Offroad/Marine Rocker Switch

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ON/OFF rockers designed for 12vDC single-pole single-throw circuitry. Often referred to as “marine” switches, these 20A waterproof LED rockers are ideal for offroad, or any other 12V offroad or marine application. Features a snap-in design for easy installation. Cannot be used for negative ground switching.

  • 3-pin SPST with choice of maintained or momentary functionality
  • Easy snap-in installation. Mounting hole 37.5mm x 21mm (1.475″ x 0.832″)
  • Heavy-duty switch with waterproof LED. Rated 20A at 12vDC
  • Replaceable switch face


How To Wire A SPST Rocker Switch

on-off single pole single throw functionality
  1. Connect your load to terminal #3. Make sure to ground your load.
  2. Connect your power source positive to terminal #2. Ground the negative.
  3. Ground terminal #7. This ensures the LED works correctly.
  4. Load and LED are powered ONLY when the SPST rocker switch is toggled to the ON position.
  5. For momentary switches, there is only 1 momentary (ON) position.
  6. Note: Due to the polarity of the LED, the SPST marine rocker switch cannot be used for negative ground switching.
spst marine rocker switch wiring diagram