BMP 2011-14 RZR 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit

BMP 2011-14 RZR 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit


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Gain 10-12 horsepower, drastically improve clutching, gain speed, and make your machine more reliable! This kit will fit your 2011-14 Standard RZR, RZR S, or RZR 4 800!


2011-UP All RZR 800 (Models that DO NOT have a TAS-03 Secondary) Part #: ADBM15-303 (Retail $1895)


Want more out of your RZR 800? We have the fix with our bolt-on performer kit. This kit comes with everything you need to make your RZR stand above the others.

Kit Includes:

  • BMP Full Velocity Exhaust System

    • Our RZR exhaust is second to none! Gain 5-7 true horsepower and tons of low end torque. This full system has a deep, throaty growl without being too loud. The Full Velocity exhaust adds usable power throughout the RPM range so you have power where you need it for trail riding, mudding, or dune riding. Our unique 2 into 1 header flows into our lightweight baffled muffler that will never need maintenance. If power is what you are after, this system will not disappoint. Full system comes in a standard black or ceramic chrome finish. We highly recommend the ceramic coated version due to its ability to keep the heat inside the pipe. These RZR's get hot and the ceramic coating works wonders against it!

  • Goldstar Clutch Kit

    • The RZR has some great power but the stock clutching sucks. Our clutch kit adds very noticeable acceleration to get you up to speed faster. This kit efficiently puts more of your horsepower to the wheels for better performance on hard pack, mud, or sand. When trail riding, it's way quicker in tight twisty trails as the clutches upshift and backshift faster and smoother. This kit is a must have for all RZR's! Includes a set of adjustable Goldstar weights, primary spring, and a complete TAS-03 secondary clutch with a custom angle helix and spring. We utilize the Goldstar weights because the profile is aggressive, has great throttle response, and you can add up to 22 grams for the ultimate in tuneability. Plan on tuning your engine in stages? No problem, easily adjust these weights as you go. We will custom tune your kit for your machine and modifications. Please list all mods including tire changes when ordering.

  • BMP Billet Intake Kit

    • Maximize your airflow with this BMP air intake kit! Get your filter box out from under your bed, and install this kit nicely above the bed! The stock air box is known to have problems sucking dirt, but not with this kit! 3-4 HP gains with this kit. Comes with an R2C filter and pre-filter along with everything else pictured.

  • Power Commander 5

    • The best fuel controller on the market that allows us to fine tune fuel along with timing and even raise your rev limit! The PC5 from BMP will come pre-loaded with one of our custom tuned maps. For even better tuning to your machine, use the Auto Tune module. If you purchase your PC5 and Auto Tune from BMP, we will set the air/fuel ratio parameters before we ship and install your O2 sensor bung in the exhaust for FREE. This will allow for virtually no tuning on your behalf! Not to mention, it's like having a perfect dyno tuned machine every second you ride! Since adding the O2 bung is a custom job, please allow 1-2 weeks extra for black painted exhausts, and 2-3 weeks for ceramic chrome exhausts. Add the Dynojet LCD Display to toggle multiple maps, view air/fuel ratios(if you have Auto Tune), and much more! This unit also comes pre-programmed for a 7000 RPM rev limit.