RZR 2016-Up XP Turbo Clutch Slider Savers

RZR 2016-Up XP Turbo Clutch Slider Savers


Regular price $89.00

  • Fits RZR XP Turbo Models 2016-Up

  • Don't wait until your clutch tears itself apart... install these as soon as possible!

  • Easy installation

  • Extends clutch and clutch slider life

  • Less friction results in less heat and better, more consistent clutch performance

  • Part #: ADBM20-131-00292


Don't wait any longer! The sooner you install these clutch slider savers the better. The factory sliders ride right on the aluminum clutch body and quickly wear out the clutch as well as the factory sliders. Installing these allows the factory sliders to run on a nice smooth stainless steel plate which helps extend clutch life tremendously! Simply remove your clutch cover and your primary clutch spring cover. Then these slider savers go easily into place being locked down when the spring cover is re-installed.