Tunnel mount case and shovel

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This kit comes with case a 910 or 920 nanuk case in your choice of color and shovel. the nanuk case is proven and durable and manufactured right here in canada. The mounts are a male by male rubber dampener. shovel is mounted with durable weather resistant straps and easy turn fluted knobs for quick and easy access. 

Kit includes;

-Nanuk Case 910 or 920

-quick connect straps with mount hardware

-slydog scoop shovel (with 100% replacement warranty for breakage)

-Case mounts, which will work on tunnel, yet rack, timbersled or camso.


910 dimensions

  • Interior (L x W x H): 13.2 × 9.2 × 4.1”
  • Exterior (L x W x H): 14.3 × 11.1 × 4.7”

920 dimensions

  • Interior (L x W x H): 15 × 10.5 × 6.2”
  • Exterior (L x W x H): 16.7 × 13.4 × 6.8”

Already have a case and just need the shovel and mount hardware please return to cases menu and select case & shovel mount kit. 

*Please note these are preorder, as they have a lot of size and color variations. select your combo and we will do our best to fill and if we cannot fill we will contact you with a suggested change or offer a refund.