BMP Tuned Wildcat Trail/Sport 700 Power Commander 5 Fuel + Ignition

BMP Tuned Wildcat Trail/Sport 700 Power Commander 5 Fuel + Ignition


Regular price $529.95

  • Fits 2014-Up Wildcat trail and Sport models

  • A must-have wake up call for your machine!

  • Comes loaded with our custom tuned map for 91 octane and a slip-on muffler

  • Easily adjustable on your computer

  • Advanced timing curve for amazing performance gains

  • Optimized fuel curve for excellent performance

  • Rev limit set to 8100 RPM

  • Easy to install

  • Many also purchase the optional POD-300 Display

  • Let your machine virtually tune itself with Auto Tune

  • Part #: ADBMDJ-PC-11-024


This is the device every Wildcat Trail or Sport needs!  We worked closely with DynoJet in development of this device and were able to spend a huge amount of time developing our custom map.  With this unit we are able to adjust fuel and timing which is a huge advantage over the old PCV where we could only adjust fuel.  We start off by going with a much more aggressive timing curve. The stock timing is down from the factory and running 91 octane minimum we can really crank some power out of this 700cc motor.  Fueling is then matched to the timing curve and our slip-on exhaust.  We use air/fuel ratio meters to precisely tune a safe and powerful fuel map while fixing many issues with the factory mapping.  Our next step is to set the Rev Xtend rev limit to a safe tested 8100 RPM. This helps create a higher top speed and so you don't just bounce off the rev limiter with all the extra power.

Keep in mind the base map that comes in this kit is designed for 91 octane or higher fuel and a slip-on exhaust.

You may also purchase the Auto Tune or POD-300 display. The Auto Tune module requires a bung to be installed in your exhaust and it will help you fine tune your machine. The display will allow you to view various things and make small map adjustments on the fly.