BMP 2.5 Inch Exhaust Spring - 5 Pack

BMP 2.5 Inch Exhaust Spring - 5 Pack


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  • 2.5" Springs work in many applications

  • Recommended for anyone installing exhaust parts on a machine over 1 year old

  • Stealth black.... why not have a cool looking exhaust spring?

  • Ideal for ATV & UTV exhaust, snowmobile mufflers & pipes

  • This spring is mostly used between your snowmobile y-pipe and single pipe

  • Part #: ADBMBMP-ES2


Using new springs when installing exhaust components on any machine is important! This ensures your exhaust is sealing and making the most horsepower. The stealth black spring look really looks nice with our chrome or black exhaust systems. These springs measure 2.5" and are ideal for many situations. Most times, these are used between the y-pipe and single pipe on snowmobile applications. Please view and measure your stock springs before purchasing.