Today's Offroad Machines are extremely high-tech in their programming and can be adjusted beyond what traditional ECU tuners offer in their current models. This is why Torque Link was created. Until now there has been little to no way to calibrate the ECU/ECM to match your added performance products, robbing the extra performance, fuel efficiency, and safety measurements available to you. Torque Link changes all that!
In our State of the Art Facility we Develope the best fuel - air ratio, timing corrections, limits, and other pesky limits on your machine. All our tuning is done with the rider in mind. Never take your machine to a dyno again, our tunes are Cloud Based so you can flash at your our garage. Our tunes are safe to your engine, and we have thousands of happy customers running our tunes with nothing but smiles when they hit the throttle.


Throughout our extensive R & D experience, we found that recalibrating the ECU/ECM is the best way to get the most out of your machine. We do this by taking the time to go through the entire ECU and optimize it from the ground up. Something that was not commonly done in current ECU tuners. This way we can tune it to as close to perfection for every scenario to outperform your current programming configuration. Your sled will be tuned and perform just as well as a sled that was on the dyno and tested for months on end so that it excels in every situation to be smoother, faster, more efficient, and more reliable.


  • Fully remapped from the ground up, with Adaptive Strategy built into each mapping
  • Engine protection maximized using the full capabilities of the ECU
  • Maintain appropriate electronic oil mixture on electronic oil pump models
  • Maintain fuel efficiency by optimizing timing and fuel curves
  • Increased RPM limits and load limitations

     (Torque Link is intended for closed-course racing)

Torque Link